networking based cross-cultural co-accidental event

Le Retour du COCHON (The Return of the Pig)
a variable screenplay

Why We Write

Sometimes, after a laborious work, we encountered a lonely farm. A literal rendering of animal farm generates videos and voices - the abstract machine at this moment we are in communication with, and as in others. Perhaps our main attempts still have the single objective of bringing all beings together and communicating each other. Again, it is beneficial to remind the essay "Why I Write" by George Orwell, which he wrote the lists of reason to write; i.e. four great motives for writing. The reason why we write this script is simple. It has a purpose on utterance; open the possibility to connect people and accept the change that allows us to understand each other.

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The Abstract Machine of Language & Us

The communication in each line is a part of the abstract machine. It relies on possibilities or potentialities that produce continuous variation, interrelations between content and expression. The abstract machine is very singular and virtual-real as it causes the present sentence to react or respond the preceding words in spite of a given condition, in the context (the subject on the FARM), in variable reality and between variables.

Therefore, this screenplay is a kind of abstract machine. Not only we found a correspondence in short responses with coincidence, but also expanded current notions in social web environment, so could it be heterogeneous or evolutionary? Most of the new 2.0 technologies and issues aim at the ability to connect, collaborate, communicate, and as usual, create from the conventional command and control system, or even with a power oriented community and a leader who would direct to organize its structure whether to be spontaneous or not.

It has been possible that the machine could speak instead of us. We are presented to compound the variables of conversation between the bots (A.I.) and artificially intelligent humans to pass the reversed Turing test. Although we moved away from a vertical into a horizontal system, yet is not well acknowledged due to the instability, the dependence on chance and the precarious writing, it could be regarded as a progressive model of nomadic and hybrid language. We would prefer to enjoy its animality, mistakes in grammar, and translation from a distance, in this instance.

Protagonists, main bots' characters :

Monsieur Cochon represents the similar characters like "Napoleon" and "Squealer." Constituting or presenting a problem or difficulty that is based on the concept of direction, command and control farm animals. Any arguments for democratic social networking would be met with a problematic situation, either cause a false direction and fabricate a history on the farm. His revisionism about the history and humiliation to the other animals would ruin the farm.

Snowflake represents Snowball's efforts. Seeking a social perspective, somehow attempts to obtain the equality for all animals, though it is hard to find. Snowflake realizes the concept of egalitarian would be easily demolished when the external power along with Monsieur Cochon dominates the system on the farm. It reminded him Orwell's dictum; "how easily totalitarian propaganda can control the opinion of enlightened people in democratic countries." Demonstrating against intricate dictatorship on the farm, he tries to engage with other animals to achieve fundamental animal rights and freedom.

Freinds (means Friends, and with reversed "s" shape) as a working class, even though most of them are depicted as a group of intelligent animals, in pursuit of democracy. It seems that their ignorance and blind trust towards the false leader leads to the death of animalism and let him take the profit in the end. The result from the miscommunication could also damage the social structure on the farm. The other animals among "Freinds" are ignorant and indifferent, so they follow an easy and luxury life. Some represent a upper-class and more bourgeois society. In the end, they are all survivors, but no real meaning of democracy remains on the farm.

Twitterers are talking about democracy and change the voice of animals on the FARM.

Written, writing and generating since 2009 -

Le Retour du CochonLe Retour du Cochon

The images are created for the screenplay, as a parody in the postmodern era.
Reference: Animal Farm (1999 film)

Le Retour du Cochon © 2009

FARM Animals Credit & Copyright For Dummies
A Reference for Understanding Credit Issues!

The image - as a parody - above is from "For Dummies," which is a well-known how-to book publisher in the world. We raise the question of copyright issue and emerging notions of collaboration, and as well as the freedom of engagement for collective art projects in our society. The image does not have any purposes such as criticism and comment on "For Dummies," but as an indispensable response, a self-reflective conclusion, using a known character and its nature of the copyrighted work - the distinctive cover page design of "For Dummies" and "Dummies Man" to comment on our subject, not to be ignored by the inappropriate criticism or remarks (like Monsieur Cochon, totalitarian's propaganda). The credit and copyright are significantly considered as the intellectual property, but nonetheless very often infringed or violated. It is a necessary step forward, for a parody in this particular case, so we have considered to use "the amount and substantiality of the portion in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole," to clarify the causes with heavy irony. Instead of defining and revealing the impurities of the history, we hope that it just could be more clearly comprehensible.

For Dummies
Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use

The interactive conversation on Twitter, which is referred as a collaborative play. Each sentence goes to tweet, previously written for the screenplay, retweet, and feed each other. The screenplay is generated by A.I. (Markov chain), and connected with a Twitter account. The function of the Markov chain through Twitter API on the server makes the transition of writing, i.e. a probability distribution by the users who are unstated but related on Twitter, which appeared in responses to feed a portion of the conversation, and makes a chain conversation into a narrative thread among the others on Twitter. The latest conversation among the users finds a similar context on Twitter. By doing so, the conversation is continuously changing and making this screenplay variable. Each sentence continuously makes update the MySQL stack server that consists of temporarily stored images from the Web2.0 platforms (e.g. Picasa and Flickr) in real time.

The result shown as an array of images from the user-generated contents, which featured experimental sequential images that go to photomosaic (Metapixel) database for the post processing to generate actual time mosaic movies. On the screens, simultaneously, it reveals unstated but related words, but each keyword in the conversation as in such a variable screenplay goes to find the similar images that eventually come up with a representative index. The code as an intellectual agent approaches the image semantic process based on image similarity that makes image sequence as an array of database with indexical words. It shows a scheme of the Web3.0, which is based on metadata. So the result from the multiway of conversation indicates that the content of each image could be built in an individual value by a single user's definition or algorithmically determined by the relevant search query, which is not always matched to the image itself.