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Throughout history there have been many reports of it raining animals. There was no weather forecast, but a sort of Raining Animals Aftercast in many reports. The Internet News shows simple headlines linked with numerous World Wide Web based sources including any kind of falling down from the sky occurrences.

BBC News : How can it rain fish?  BBC weather  BBC Bristol : It's raining men…. and dogs and cats and fish and frogs  BBC Wiltshire : It's raining men….and dogs and cats and fish and frogs  UK Tourist info : Out of Place Animals and Strange Animal Behaviour in the British Isles : Its raining fish!  Shropshire – Weird Shropshire – Fish Shower : It's raining fish!  The Times – Tribune : Don't panic, the sky is not falling ; it's turtles, snakes and sardines  Weird, Weird Rain  This is local London : 40 local newspapers one online voice : A real nip in the air in Dartford  The weather doctor : weather whys : Fish and Frogs Falling from the Sky  Honduras Rain of Fish  Fish Fall From The Heavens And Rain On Villagers In Manna  Storm Rains Fish on Villagers : Sky News : World News : Something Fishy Going On  It's Raining Frogs and Toads!  USA TODAY’s weather : Answers archive: Tornado history, climatology  Urban legends - animals : Raining Cats and Dogs  Animals can rain from the sky  Oregon Spotted Frogs  The weather notebook : Falling Stuff  Ananova : Frogs rain down on Serbia  It's Raining Spiders!  MYSTERIOUS FALLS FROM THE SKY : 
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