Some Ideas / Conception / Message as a Warning

Perhaps our belief is entirely derived from the wish for safety. What this project implies is a message in advance of actual or potential alarm, like how meteorology is used to forecast the weather. Finding a way to combine our missing senses that we have ignored gives us a value, which means the message is a warning.

People's interest might converge on something else, but this project is not centered on searching out physical phenomena. Neither is our attention concentrated on the situation and the result from its representation in a random way. Now we need a specific configuration and purpose in the design for sharing our experiences in order to catch the lost memory and its missed pieces of puzzle.

Raining animals phenomenon seems abstract and symbolic but also concretely geometric. We realized that the facts we figured out could be one of given materials, but as cognitive process of past experience is remembered, stored, and evoked, it could become possible to find the answer that we are really looking for. The strange weather phenomenon is reported, but somehow it is delivered as a suppositional reality like a fossilized image to us. The unexpected experience and casual memory would become a canned provision. The logic might be superior to those who are sensitive in this world. From personal experiences to memories, all senses are expressed by reaction that fills up something missing in our senses. We are trying to let us be awakened to a false alarm and pursue an awareness of all senses. A vision of the future beckons, in which post-modern human life finds the traces of what we have lost and have to recover. Trying to reinterpret the existing reports – chosen through media and library including news, magazines, books, and web sources – this project responds to the relationship between design and global warning.