Some Ideas / Conception / Message as a Warning

The conception of Anonymous Reports would be transitory, so that afterwards one might say that the phenomenon of raining animals ever occurred is constructed on the concept of mentally combining all its particular events in meteorology. It is a general idea derived from specific occurrences in the world, but it is regarded as resulting from the cultural construct and social code of personal beliefs and perceptions. The reason for a conceptualization of weather phenomenon and climate crisis does not just belong to the subject of the natural environment or its representation. It has to become a selected vision of the future based on a past timeline, analyzed information that tells us a comprehensive conception and image of the earth that is related to us, namely, ‘Weltanschauung’.

Analyzing and interpreting unknown or unproven information, by means of making it open-source, becomes a flexible platform. Finally, the invisible library becomes visible. The information design, sound and performance based on language, research, image, and text, create an event in a generic way. This progressively changes and evolves in our personal experiences. A scheme is derived from the worldwide journals and news hanging onto the real histories.

If we are to speak about our concept, we could mention that we do not have any role model to follow because this project has the objective of blurring the boundary between design and media arts. We would rather show a different kind of digital mannerism; all results from design and interaction arts have an evident property of mimesis, a desire for creation and representation that we are aiming to rediscover, answer, and incorporate into essential qualities that we have owned and lost. What we are interested in doing is to appropriately redefine our lost senses using elements and materials from the environment that we have inherited from the domain of design and media. This is a language that can be an effective means of communication itself.