networking based cross-cultural co-accidental event

RAINING as actual event, ANIMALS as being

Objectives :

Distributed network structure

Event : Co-accidental

The project involves a metaphorical meaning of a type of habitat that indicates a place where. It implies a change of relationship between habitat and environment that influences the eco- and geological system and structure. Exploring a location-based storytelling in the history traces relevant topology but coincidental events. The theme of Raining Animals denotes a supernatural phenomenon resulting from the involuntary conflict and collision. It is a becoming-animal idea that is based on Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, a symbolic language of cultural transformation and social evolution extends the conversation of different habitants when it is a becoming-virtual from the actual. The main shift of the project remains in a new narrative cinema that defies beyond hypertext, considered as a co-(in)(ac)cidental event, namely, a transition by co-accident.

Space : Trans-local

Raining Animals provides a space where users can take part in networked public project, that continuously captures the peripheral landscape and feeds the message from one place to another. The image overlaps the movement through the installation is recorded as ephemeral traces, that reflects on the surface of the exhibition space. It is an assemblage of each component, which is interconnected to the mirror images. Combining the public across geographical locations, the result will blur the boundary and the distinction between a physical space and a virtual world. It is immersed in a profound spectrum of mapping in the range of the site-specific and the non-lieu. Mapping the physical site pertains to emotionally changing geography driven by the web, which reveals a conception of deterritorialization.

Time : Non-linear

As a mongrel, it consists of a real-time imagery of collage, a conversation in a particular screenplay, and a fictional interactive installation. The result from the actual and the virtual collapses into one frame of time based on the frequencies of different uploading events. The contents of Raining Animals retrieve data from computer-generated combinatorial geography that betokens heterogeneity. A fringe-dwelling, errors and disequilibrium engages a loss, that is related to an ecological niche.

Language : Folksonomy

Due to the barrier of controlled vocabulary on web search engine, the figure of speech in Raining Animals would be transitory. Using a method of social bookmarking for images on Web2.0 is constructed on the concept of combining all its particular collaborative tagging in an automated/user-generated content. It is a general idea of aggregation derived from specific occurrences of tagging in shared vocabulary that allows users to find and interpret other related subject. It is regarded as results from the cultural construct to label or tag content and the environment of its representation. It has to become a selected vision of the future based on a past timeline, analyzed and categorized information that shows us a comprehensive image of nature that is related to us.

Visualization : Metonymy

The characters with different types of letter, natural features including human being, and configuration of territory are the branches of geometry on multiple screens. The properties of figure remain unchanged and intrinsic when it is uploaded on screens unless the input area gets feed from the output. The flow of data into and out of computers with a networking conformation where several computers or work stations are linked to a central system environment, the image is deformed by blending, overlapping, stretching or twisting, etc. These components make a continual visual, but not a sequential. It is a metonymy of raining animals.

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